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of the local availability of men for women to marry—men who are not .. ried sex ratios for both White and Black women, who were more likely to marry for the.

essay counters the stereotypes by presenting black women's first-person narrative “Sex, Lies, and Infidelity” (April 2009), “What Makes a Black Man Cheat?” . Method. Participants in this study (n = 20) were ever-married women who experi-.

sex ratio imbalance has limited the opportunities for single black women to marry and for those who have been widowed or separated by divorce or desertion to.

How the mass incarceration of black men hurts black women. I am a black guy who married a white woman and have two great kids. I would be highly.

Figure 1 Share of married or cohabiting black and white women sex ratio for the black population makes it less likely black women will marry.