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Famous Cephalopod-On-Woman Sex Scene Reveals Octopus Isn’t That Into Her octopus sex with women

But did you know that octopus has a dangerous sex life? But before watching a great cartoon by Seeker “Mating Kills Both Male and Female.

It's unclear how mature male and female octopuses find each other in the vast ocean. Males appear to devote a lot time searching for mates.

Illustration for article titled Famous Cephalopod-On-Woman Sex Scene Reveals Octopus Isn'. Tako to Ama (or, Dream of the Fisherman's Wife).

Male octopuses have a big problem: female octopuses. . in which males are more likely to be devoured during sex have evolved longer arms.

Argonaut octopus has a detachable penis that the female can save; Creature Humans may have their quirks and kinks, but sex in the animal.