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The Pee Dee River, also known as the Great Pee Dee River, is a river in the U.S. states of North Carolina and South Carolina. It originates in the Appalachian.

The Little Pee Dee River is a 116-mile-long (187 km) tributary of the Pee Dee River The Little Pee Dee technically arises near Laurinburg, North Carolina as.

Pee Dee River, river rising as the Yadkin River in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern North Carolina, U.S. Flowing northeast past Wilkesboro and Elkin.

The free-flowing, unaltered river system in South Carolina is an important habitat for resident and migratory fish species. These natural conditions of the Pee Dee.

Rising from the foothills of western North Carolina and Virginia, the Pee Dee River courses some 430 miles before entering the Winyah Bay and Atlantic Ocean.