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Like many men and boys who get the urge to swallow our cum while we are masturbating, we lose the urge after orgasm. How do you eat your own cum without backing down? I am a straight guy, how can I ejaculate in my own mouth?.

I suck my d*ck and usually cum in my mouth but i am deffinitly not gay i would like i can suck my own dick you just ahve to keep trying and soon you can do it!.

I eat lots of fruit so my cum tastes pretty sweet and although it can be a lot of cum I cum in my own mouth, I even fill up sum cum on my hand and rub my dick.

Lick It Up – Letting him finish in your mouth during fellatio is not the only way that you can swallow his cum. If he finishes somewhere on himself, you can still.

Do you cum in your own mouth and swallow? I can't self suck, but I can get a couple of inches away and shoot right into my mouth. If I have a.