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Genuine Antique Lighting: Entire Collection authentic vintage lighting

Looking for AUTHENTIC vintage lighting? We have a HUGE selection of chandeliers and sconces from 1905 to 1975! Beautifully restored! No reproductions!.

Genuine vintage chandeliers and original antique lights are a specialty of Vintage Hardware & Lighting. What could be more "green" than recycling existing .

Light up your home with these beautiful vintage light fixtures. Our authentic vintage lighting, improved with modern standards in wiring, make a lasting and.

Shop on Vinterior for vintage lighting from across the decades. We are the UK's # 1 Original Retro Vintage Mid Century Teak And Brass Standar f. £195.00.

Circa 1920, $ is for each. $890.00 / 2660p. Circa 1880, 29"d. $5,145.00 / 2329g. Circa 1915, 21" d. $3,845.00 / 3302d. Circa 1920, $ is for each. $920.00 / 2633p .