A Teen Went Blind After He Only Ate Processed Foods - he ate teen


Family want new law after teen died when he ate Byron burger - Berkshire Live he ate teen

A 14-year-old boy goes to the doctor with complaints of tiredness. He's an extremely picky eater. (Think a daily diet of French fries, plus.

An unnamed teenager from the UK was left legally blind from a nutritional deficiency because he ate nothing but processed foods for years, according to The Telegraph. From the age of 7, his mother said he would only eat foods like white bread, chips, fries, ham, and sausages.

His appetite is insatiable and he's eating you out of house and home, so how do you make sure your teenage boy is filling up on healthy nutritious f.

An English boy who ate nothing but junk food like French fries, potato chips and ham went blind due to an extreme vitamin deficiency in his diet.

Norwegian teen, 18, receives death threats after revealing she ATE her own writing: 'If I'm going to eat horse meat, it's going to be my own.'.