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You can help the One Tree Hill Wiki by expanding it. The Clean Teens was the abstinence club in Tree Hill High. The Clean Teens, lead enthusiastically by Shelley Simon, was a group of 10-15 students of Tree Hill High School.

Shelley Simon was a Tree Hill High student and the founder of the Clean Teens group. After falling pregnant and having her heart broken, Shelly became.

Used to have casual sex and drink and smoke, but goes against it later. To cleanse themselves of what they used to do. Varies on person to person, but part of to.

2 days ago It's tough to find a book for pre-teens and teens without graphic sex and violence. The "Young Adult" section, which is marketed to kids from.

We are a parent action group that is working diligently to eliminate teen substance abuse in our community. As long as teen substance abuse persists, none of.