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Tentacle erotica or Tentacle rape is a type of pornography most commonly found in Japan Masami Teraoka brought the image up to date with his 2001 work " Sarah and Octopus/Seventh Heaven", part of his Waves and Plagues collection.

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife also known as Girl Diver and Octopuses, Diver and Two Octopuses, etc., is a woodblock-printed design by the Japanese artist Modern tentacle erotica similarly depicts sex between women and tentacled beasts; the sex in modern depictions is typically forced, as opposed to Hokusai's.

What do they reveal about the country's attitudes to sex – and our own? octopus drags a naked young woman into a cleft between two rocks.

There's an old joke that any revolutionary tool mankind creates to express our highest ideals and ambitions will always simultaneously be used.

Have you ever thought about a woman having sex with an octopus? The Japanese have, in fact they have been thinking about it for almost two.