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Why Are These Male Fish Growing Eggs? effects fish pollution sex water

Tougher controls should be considered on chemicals that can feminise male fish and cause other “sub-lethal” effects, a leading ecotoxicologist.

Pollutants that mimic sex hormones are the suspected culprit. . Intersex in fish may be a symptom of larger problems with water But it's too soon to say whether feminized fish are indicative of health effects for humans too.

Sex is influenced by water pollutants that are encountered in everyday life. These sources of Scientists believe that these chemicals present in the water supply leads to increasing feminizing effects in male fish. Estrogens accumulate in body .

Female fish swap sex in polluted, low-oxygen water. AB generations, which can have long lasting effects on the sustainability of fish stocks.

Exposure to estrogens can have various detrimental effects in fish. in surface waters have been demonstrated to cause sex reversal in the.