Does Your Clitoris Change After Pregnancy? An Expert Explains How Childbirth Impacts It - clitoris pain after vaginal birth


I tore my clitoris giving birth clitoris pain after vaginal birth

Let's talk about how our bodies change after having a child. Women who experience clitoral discomfort or pain in the postpartum period.

What causes a swollen clit after childbirth and what are the remedies? One of the most annoying, and painful, changes that take place postpartum is a swollen .

It could be clitoral atrophy due to vaginal dryness, as the body does not produce the normal amount of vaginal lubricant/discharge after birth.

I have given up on the 'TMI' tag now as everything I get seems to be TMI! Anyway, 10 days postpartum and my clitoris feels like its been kicked when.

After labouring for nearly 24 hours, Angela* thought she was through the worst of it. either of her births—but the pain wasn't any worse than it had been after the birth of For Angela's first birth, she was given an episiotomy.