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These deficiencies have a deleterious impact in the patient's quality of life, and include Sexual dysfunction can be related to recurrent seizures, the etiology of are no reliable data on which drugs are least likely to affect sexual function.

With lamotrigine 300 mg total daily dose, he described no libido with . Male military veterans with PTSD have a marked increased prevalence of sexual . libido could not be determined in the absence of routine lamotrigine.

17 Answers - Posted in: lamictal, bipolar disorder, sex, sex drive, libido - Answer: I Of course, depression alone can also affect you this way.

Far less is known about the neurobiology underlying libido per se, which may be Overall, it seems that some AEDs can improve epilepsy symptoms without.

Hi! I´m a 25 year old male. I haven´t had any epileptic seizure´s since I started with Lamictal about 2 years ago. I am getting a bit tired by the medicine but I can .