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Striped garlic. Allium denticulatum [popup] Toothed onion Propeller flower Alpinia zerumbet [popup] Blue, purple, 592. Green, transparent, 116. Maroon .

The striped coralroot orchid is an herbaceous, perennial wildflower with a broad like an ocean coral and the dark reddish-purple stripes of the flower.

Viola striata Aiton. Striped Cream Violet, Striped Violet, Common White Violet Plant Characteristics. Duration: Perennial Habit: Herb Flower.

Description: This herbaceous perennial plant produces a stem about ½–1' long that often sprawls across the ground or leans against adjacent vegetation.

Pictures of nyctaginaceae wildflowers of West USA. White, purple striped flower of mirabilis laevis, in Ford Canyon, White Tank Mountains, Arizona.