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Pet Health Tip: Pet Safe Ice Melt Is Not As Safe As You Think puppy licked ice melt

Even if your dog walks on ice melts and then licks their paws, they can ingest a large enough amount of the chemical to cause illness including kidney failure or .

While pets don't typically ingest ice melts on purpose, your pet may become exposed if they lick their feet after walking through a recently.

Pet owners often want to use ice melt, but fear harming their pets. 3-Do not let your dog lick his or her feet until after you've cleaned them well.

The short answer is no, pet-safe ice melts are not completely safe. on their dogs in the wintertime, especially if they start licking at their feet or walking gingerly.

Even if you don't see the ice melt, it may still be on surfaces. A dog that licks its feet after coming inside could experience vomiting or diarrhea.