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Pedal pumping is a form of foot fetish, focused on women and cars. The scenario has a damsel in distress theme, where her car has become inoperable. The first situation is with a female whose vehicle won't start for any reason, so she rapidly "pumps" the gas pedal in hopes that.

Pedal-pumping, also referred to as revving and cranking, is a new sort of feet in sandals and heels pumping the gas pedal of an automobile.

Fetish: Pedal Pushing Are you open about your pedal-pusher fetish now? I'm always like, “Just bring me a woman and a gas pedal.”.

effort to start the car engine. so she has to pump the gas pedal with the hope . Growing fetish trend: pedal-pumping, revving and cranking.

In the video, it repeatedly and fruitlessly depresses the car's gas pedal as the woman revs the ignition and coaxes, "Come on. Start." Cherry-red.