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The 3pp® ThumSling® thumb brace with contoured strap provides support and compression at the CMC joint to relieve pain from CMC Thumb Arthritis. Fully adjustable design eliminates constriction around the thumb. Fully adjustable contoured strap lifts and supports the CMC joint to.

Exceptional comfort in an easy-to-fit thumb extension splint, promotes healing for de Quervain's, Skier's and Gamekeepers Thumb, and Ligament Injuries.

REDUCES PAIN AND INFLAMMATION: Adjustable compression brace effectively reduces pain and inflammation due to injury or surgery. Great support brace for managing arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injury, post-surgery, sprains and strains. Thumb Spica Splint- Thumb Brace.

ISOLATES THE THUMB- This thumb spica splint stabilizes the thumb while giving free range of movement to all the other digits, so your thumb injury won't.

34 Items Thumb supports & splints effectively treat Gamekeeper's Thumb, tendinitis & other thumb sprains. Choose the right splint for your patient based on level.