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Who is Jonah Falcon, how big is his penis and why did he say Roberto Esquivel Cabrera was cheating? jonah falcon pictures dick

But the New Yorker has admitted it has ruined his acting career. Jonah says directors are afraid to cast him because "he's known for his penis size" and his career has been harmed as a result. Jonah held the record for the largest penis in the world until Roberto Esquivel Cabrera's.

Picture: John Chapple/REX/ShutterstockSource:Splash News Australia than I was.” Jonah Falcon claims to have the world's largest penis.

This man's manhood is 13.5 inches, but he will not star in a porn!.

41-year-old New Yorker Jonah Falcon made headlines around the world two did not believe that the huge bulge in his trousers was in fact his oversized penis!.

When his penis is erect, Jonah Falcon claims his member measures a A revealing photo shoot shows the American posing in skin tight shorts.