SPANK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary - a quick spank


Spank | Definition of Spank by Merriam-Webster a quick spank

Spank definition: If someone spanks a child, they punish them by hitting them on the bottom several times | Meaning to go at a quick and lively pace.

6 days ago spank definition: 1. to hit a child with the hand, usually several times on the spank | American Dictionary. spank Get a quick, free translation!.

Spank′er, one who walks with long strides: a fast-going horse: any person or thing particularly striking, a dashing person.—adj. Spank′ing.

Grandpa doesn't care if he's embarrasing you in front of your friends, in fact, he'll spank your friends too.

Define spank. spank synonyms, spank pronunciation, spank translation, English spank. (spæŋk). vb. (intr) to go at a quick and lively pace. [C19: back.