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10 Reasons Why Disney's Frozen SUCKS AND WILL ALWAYS SUCK - Deaf Sparrow | Deaf Sparrow twenty reasons the happening sucked

(We could have just as easily made a list of 100 reasons Star Wars and The .. further damage Jedi's ability to convince us this stuff is really happening. about twenty feet from the bunker, aren't affected in the slightest by its.

A few days back, a particularly scathing review of M. Night Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING hit the Nets. You can find that review HERE. In the.

Keeping it Reel: 85 reasons why the Resident Evil franchise sucked . 20) Not only that, but the second film also sees the first of many . even say it was a one- off but it keeps happening throughout the entirety of the movie.

I enjoyed all of his previous films and did not understand why people .. This movie sucked more ass than House of the dead! Twenty bucks to watch a sub -par, late to the conversation Marky Mark battle wind and trees.

Technology. Home · Movies. 20 Reasons Transformers 2 Absolutely Sucked Sometimes I can't think of all the reasons this movie sucked so it's nice to have reference. . I was able to follow everything that was happening. And in the .