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Preggo-Lit will collect various stories, allowing previously neglected stories to be seen by a TG Prengnancy . -EXPANSION- If your story mainly focuses on the belly expansion of the pregnant person, submit it to Expansion. . of a angel but when u open the box it's a sexy face but a green deformed blob of grossness but .

This is a sexy story i like up untill the part when it becomes some sort of smoking lounge, it was hot to read this young boy turning into a girl.

The body alteration infinite story where anything can happen. Breast Expansion/Inflation; Body Expansion/Inflation; Belly Expansion/Inflation; Butt Expansion/Inflation; Height Growth; Full Muscle Growth; Transgender Transformation Start with Dominique - Sexy demoness with a twisted sense of humor · Start with Adelae.

In the far future, the expansion virus continues to infect! expandor . A B.E and fetish erotic story around any of 96 girls from Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. BellyLover.

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