How to Auto-Run Windows Programs When You Plug In a USB Drive - autorun thumb drive pop-up


Permanently set your flash drive's default AutoPlay action - TechRepublic autorun thumb drive pop-up

But it is possible to do the same with a USB flash drive (USB stick)? Can the AutoRun technology be used with a USB flash drive? In this article we will answer.

Learn how to create an autorun file for your USB flash drive! or document you are wanting to open (i.e. the files you want to pop up when you insert the drive).

Amaze your clients wuth a branded USB Flash Drive, set the USB Memory Stick to autorun upon insertion of the USB Flash Drive into the USB port. Autorun.

After installation, whenever you connect a USB drive, you should see a window pop-up like the one below, asking if you want to run the.

As you know, when the USB drive is plugged into the port, an autorun USB When the USB stick is plugged in, the autorun USB menu pops up on autopilot.