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My wife and I wanted to escape the heat wave in Rome, and so a nice nude beach seemed like the perfect answer, and it really was! We've never been to a.

One of the more popular nude beaches in Italy, beside Rome is Capocotta Beach . Although the beach has been used by nudists for over 30.

Oasi Naturista Capocotta: A very pleasant nude beach in Italy! and one of these is the Oasi Naturista beach at Capocotta, south of Ostia, so close to Rome.

“Great beach close to Rome” . Rome City Small-Group Bike Tour with. . Anyone knows nude beaches in Italy are rare, while much of the attractive coast is.

Visitors let it all hang out at Oasi Naturista, one of Italy's nudist beaches. Beach, Lazio – This beach isn't far from Rome, and there's a dedicated nude beach.