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Nude Festival - Japanese men strip off in the name of tradition to create one of Japan's most extraordinary sights -- the Nude Festival.

Around ten thousand men wearing nothing but sumo-style loincloths gathered in a temple Saturday to scramble for sacred sticks called shingi. The “Hadaka Matsuri” (Naked Man Festival) takes place every year at the Saidaji Kannon-in temple in Okayama City. Who Is the Naked Man Who's.

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Around 9000 men dressed in loincloths gathered in Okayama, Japan to take part in the annual naked festival to try and grab sacred wooden.

A Hadaka Matsuri (裸祭り, "Naked Festival") is a type of Japanese festival, or matsuri, in which in Okayama, where the festival originated. Every year, over 9,000 men participate in this festival in hopes of gaining luck for the entire year.