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PIC: People Are Freaking Out About Pictures Of Simon Cowell 'Naked In A Bath' With David Walliams. 67 Shares. Save. image description.

On Monday, “#OhNoSimon” began trending as footage surfaced on social media on what many people thought was Simon Cowell naked! “Simon thinks it is very.

So, unbeknowest to some, Simon Cowell might have actually got his PENIS out on out that it's just Simon's naked big toe - leading us to questions two things.

Simon Cowell horrified on Britain's Got Talent as David Walliams admits he's sexually aroused by nude act live on air. 'The single best moment.

The hashtag #OhNoSimon blew Twitter as Simon Cowell; or rather their doppelgangers got buck naked to be scrubbed down by assistants.