- we saw mommy naked


we saw mommy naked

I let my son see me naked on one occasion. How would you feel as a mother over the age of 40 seeing your son openly nude, he does not try to cover up if you see him? How do I convince my mom that mom son sexual pleasure is okay?.

It's just my mom and I at home. We live in a small apartment (one bedroom), so I see a lot of her, and we're not a super private family. It's just.

I deliberately saw my mom naked. Conflicted. Let's just put it out there that I'm a very curious person. And curiosity has led me to do stuff which I then regret many .

Today, I saw my mom naked as she came out of the shower. I realized that's the first time I've ever seen a naked woman. I'm a 24 year old guy.

In fact, I reasoned that my boys seeing me naked would — from a very early age — give them a genuine picture of a woman's body: curves, dimples, wobbly bits.