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POKEMON JAPANESE PSA 9 NAKED MISTY'S TEARS GYM 1 HEROES BANNED CARD GRADED MINT. Pokemon MISTY’S TEARS Japanese Gym Card NM - Naked Misty BANNED Art!!! Pokemon card Naked Misty’s Tears BANNED and Misty's Battle (No Rarity) Japanese.

Misty's Tears (Gym Challenge) Being one of the most known censored Shown holding Staryu while naked and crying the card was changed.

Misty's Tears (Japanese: カスミのなみだ Kasumi's Tears) is a Trainer card. It is part The Japanese artwork (also by Ken Sugimori) features Misty being naked.

Check out these 15 Pokémon Cards, each of which were banned from we have our final entry: the Trainer Card "Misty's Tears," which was first City Gym Leader/anime character is depicted as being naked with her Staryu.

Isn't there a trainer card from one of the gym series in japanese of misty hugging a starmie topless or close to and they changed the picture in.