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Summoning your Fetish Army no longer unsummons fetishes so did they change the maximum count of fetish that can be summoned or not?.

I'm confused about the max # of Fetish Sycophants for my witch doctor for season 10. I have the full Zunimassa set. I have also equipped the Fetish Army skill.

Fetish Sycophants is a Witch Doctor passive skill, unlocked at level 30. They ignore the Fetish Army skill rune, but they benefit from most enhancements of normal Fetishes (including skill damage, Carnevil, The Dagger of Darts and Starmetal Kukri special powers).

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2.5.0 Zuni Gen-Fetish (100+) Fetish Army Legion of Daggers .. Pretty standard, once you've maxed out movement speed and max mana.