Three Ways to Fix a Damaged Thread | Insert Tech 101 - how to fix a striped thread


How to Fix a Cross Threaded or Stripped Hole in Aluminum - iFixit Repair Guide how to fix a striped thread

We are talking about a “stripper” in terms of a hole that has had its threads stripped out or damaged. In addition to being expensive to repair, strippers also.

A comprehensive guide for repairing stripped bolt hole threads.

Just a bit tighter and that should do it and it's stripped. But don't panic, all you need to repair damaged threads is some patience and a tap.

So you've over-tightened or under-tightened a fastener and now the thread is stripped and you are stuck with a ruined thread. Well, here's how.

Rethreading a bolt hole is easier than you think. Learn how to fix a stripped bolt hole for vehicle repairs. Follow this step-by-step guide.