Feldman: 'Jackson showed me nude photos' - feldman naked


Michael Jackson made me look at naked photos when I was 13, child star Corey Feldman claims feldman naked

COREY Feldman claims a 35-year-old Michael Jackson showed him “inappropriate” photos of naked men and women when he was aged 13. The former child actor, 47, was befriended by the adult superstar singer after he appeared in hit movies such as Gremlins, The Goonies and Stand By Me.

Feldman: 'Jackson showed me nude photos'. Michael Jackson is dealt a crushing blow as a new witness steps forward. By Neil Wilkes. 11/02/.

Is it fair to expect your spouse to do get naked for your career? Sure, a Playboy spread is an honor and Susie Feldman is a looker but cui bono.

In an interview that was to air last night, actor Corey Feldman says Michael Jackson showed him nude pictures when Feldman was in his early.

Actor Corey Feldman may now have to tell a courtroom about his encounters with Michael Jackson. Prosecutors have subpoenaed him.