Vaginal Wetness: Everything You Need to Know About Different Fluids - my vagina was so wet


I get too wet during sex my vagina was so wet

You're So Wet Down There — What Does That Mean? The glands in your cervix and vaginal wall create essential lubrication to protect your.

The vagina may feel very wet during arousal, while menopause can cause vaginal dryness. Vaginal fluids are essential for keeping the vagina.

You may notice sometimes your vagina feels really wet out of nowhere, so much so that you go to the bathroom just to make sure the moisture.

Something must be wrong in my body; is it correctable? I'm too embarrassed to ask my doctor. Is there an operation to make my vagina.

The Not-So-Sexy Truth About Getting Wet When You're Turned On It's normal to have some vaginal discharge in your underwear every day.