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Not having a wet vagina can bring the most steamy sexual encounter to a . Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh is a freelance writer and editor who is.

You’re So Wet Down There — What Does That Mean? Even when you aren’t aware of it (such as explicit leaking wetness), your vagina produces lubrication. Chances are the wetness you feel is a watery-like substance, not fluids caused by sexual arousal.

Vaginal discharge, cervical fluid, and arousal fluid: are they all the same thing? “Vaginal discharge” is the medical term used to describe the fluid that comes out of the vagina. “Getting wet” during sexual activity is a normal physiological reaction to prepare for sex.

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A vaginal wet mount is a gynecologic test wherein a sample of vaginal discharge is observed Updated by: Linda Vorvick, MD; ^ Eschenbach, D. A.; Hillier, S.; Critchlow, C.; Stevens, C.; DeRouen, T.; Holmes, K. K. (April 1988). "Diagnosis and.