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Why is My Cat Dragging Its Bum on the Floor? — Senior Cat Wellness cat itchy bottom

If your cat starts dragging or scooting her bottom across your carpet or Causes of scooting in kitties can include itchy, irritated skin; external or.

While it's fairly rare, this can happen to any cat—there is no particular breed that experiences it more than another. And the reasons your cat's bottom is itching.

Usually, this means a cat's rear is itchy or irritated. A little detective work can help you get to the bottom of the cause behind all that cat scooting.

Find out why a cat scooting on carpet could be a sign of inflamed anal glands and stage is when you may see your cat scooting on carpet to relieve the itch.

Scooting is a word used to explain the act of a cat sitting down and dragging their bottom along the ground. This is usually because of an itch or pain around.