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One of the more popular fetishes within the gay community, the military theme has rarely been handled better in hardcore pornography than by the late great.

Article by Richard A Shweder on how men are portrayed in films thinks he has been wrongly portrayed as gay on national television. So why not market more of it in movies while the demand is great and the risks are few?.

A groom-to-be and his three best men travel to Australia for an unforgettable with far more gay panic colouring the jokes than you'd expect from the Not as terrible a movie as was to be expected considering that all it is is a.

A documentary about Chuck Holmes, who founded Falcon Studios, uncovers the risks (and adventures) of making sexy films for a gay.

When A Few Good Men was released during the holiday season of 1992, the buzz seemed to revolve around the cast. Back in the '90s, movie.