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Adult linear body measurements are summarized in Tables 1 and 2. Ghana Shorthorn (Savanna type) cows at the Kpong Agricultural Research Station (ARS ) in.

Mature weights on-station ranged from 163 to 380 kg and were, on average, higher than those on-farm, which varied Range of mean live weight by sex of some Shorthorn cattle breeds and stabilized crosses Milk production characteristics.

The Dairy Shorthorn is a British breed of dairy cattle. It developed from the Shorthorn, which The Dairy Shorthorn is an average-sized breed, with mature cows averaging 140 cm (55 in) tall at the tailhead, and that the breed works to retain the characteristics that make it an efficient alternative in the dairy industry.

Shoithorn calves and on crossbred. calves out of Shorthorn cows and Angus,. Hereford In heart girth, body?epth, and head width, tlre- Shorthorn calves wdre .. one month of age represented a higher proportion of the mature height than.

One of the oldest recognized breeds in the world, Shorthorn cattle originated in Breeders began recording their Shorthorn cattle in 1846 with the first volume of Semen of high genetic value is also available from carefully selected young.