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Lakers Fan Realizes the Lakers Suck, Becomes a Warriors Fan Mid-Game | GQ la lakers suck

Top free agents shunned the Lakers even though they had major cap space. Based on Kevin Durant's recent commentary on free agents going to LA it appears.

Despite adding superstar Lebron James to their team in their offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers have yet again missed the playoffs, ending.

The Los Angeles Lakers front office have provided a 3-step system to ruin Why didn't LeBron just suck it up and play through his little injury?.

LeBron James Isn't Blameless During LA Lakers' Struggles "It sucks that my injury happened and [Ball's] injury happened and so many of our injuries.

The Lakers' new low comes in a loss to the Hawks, and Los "It sucks when you let a virus settle into your team and you can't get rid of it.