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Sermon on the Blog: Iowa Noir sioux city 1955 homosexuals

Twenty Siouxland homosexuals were arrested on various charges the Iowa Legislature passed the criminal sexual psychopath law in 1955.

Following the brutal murders of two children in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1954, police, Iowa law that lumped homosexuals together with child molesters and murderers, It started in 1955 with a missing eight-year-old boy, Jimmy Bremmers, later.

'Sex-Crime Panic' Revisits Ugly Sioux City History. By Jody Ewing March 21, 2002. Iowa's 1955 Criminal Sexual Psychopath law lumped homosexuals together.

In 1955 alone, roundups of presumed homosexuals took place in Flor‐ida, Idaho, Iowa, In Chicago and Sioux City, Iowa, murder investigations were used as.

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