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List of all modules which have at least one romance option. . Always Winter Nights 2 Shiver on the River by MutantNinjaDwarf, Rated Extreme.

Hall of Fame. Neverwinter Nights 2 Modules Hall of Fame This is a split off list of the Romance Modules List. The modules in . Rated: Adult. Module contains violence, harsh language and sexual material, including gay and lesbian scenes. Mother Night (Drow, NPC, head of thieves guild) for males.

I am wondering whether there are any Neverwinter Nights modules that A Dance with Rogues has a potential lesbian love interest, and it's.

Does anyone play them here, and what fun/dull fan mods can you name? Location: Your ignore list. Honor Among Thieves - a completely new 20-30 hour campaign for NWN 1. . Try it to play a well-developed, amoral heroine or try it because she has a lot of hot bisexual (but mostly lesbian) sexx0r.

A listing that exists to answer the only question you actually care about: but all cut it off when it hits the romance part if it would be gay/lesbian.