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Lesbian shunga - Pictures of lesbians were also popular in shunga (although they are very rare!). The depicted women are usually shown using a special dildo .

lesbian shunga Hokusai, Erotik, Lesbian, Lesbians. Visit. Discover ideas about Hokusai. August 2019. 10 Most Sensual Lesbian Sex Scenes in Shunga.

Lesbian Couple (original painting). 2016/12/11 SHUNGA. This SHUNGA is “Fumi no kiyogaki” by Eiri Choukyousai. Actually this is original painting of this.

A very rare shunga scene of two lesbians in rapture as they share a double-sided dildo. A high-quality shunga piece, as surimono (privately commissioned.

Shunga (春画) is a Japanese term for erotic art. Most shunga are a type of ukiyo-e , usually . Lesbian shunga by Hokusai. Spring Pastimes A tryst between a.