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But most of the women do like men with hairy legs. So women like beard, ruffled hair, hairy arms and legs of men kinda attractive. Do women like shaved legs or hairy legs on a man?.

I've been wondering about this for a while as I myself have fairly hairy legs. Do girls mind me with hairy legs at all? Would you prefer for them to be trimmed.

Until that time, men and women were perfectly fine with having natural, hairy legs . While the verdict is still out on whether guys like girls with.

Well, it's not like I find hairy legs attractive, but I don't really notice guys' legs much . and non-physical traits that matter. just do what you feel comfortable with.

The ONLY thing I ever really get self conscious about is my hairy legs. So ladies, how do you really feel about men with a pretty much naturally hairless torso, but He took off his pants for the first time and I was like "goddamn, that's a satyr.