Scary Movie 2 (2001) - Regina Hall as Brenda - IMDb - ima piss on your face


Ima fan in your mouth, piss on your face and shit all over these walls ray - iFunny :) ima piss on your face

I'ma work this. I'ma make this mine! Ray Wilkins: Yeah, work it. Ooh, it's all yours. Brenda Meeks: I'ma piss on your face and I'ma fart in your mouth,. [shouting].

A great memorable quote from the Scary Movie 2 movie on - Ray Brenda Meeks: I'm going to piss on your face, fart in your mouth, and shit all over .

IMA PISS ALL OVER THIS WALL, RAY! @genericusername5 it's I'ma piss on your face, Then I'ma fart in your mouth, Yeah then I'ma shit on these walls Ray, Does this mean that reddit is actually a repost of Scary Movie?.

South Park (1997) - S18E02 Comedy. I'm gonna piss in their face. 2.5 secs. The Quick and the Dead (1995). I'm gonna be pissing on your grave tonight.

talk dirty to me. ima piss on your face,then ima fart in yo mouth, then ima shit on these walls SCARY MOVIE 2 (: lol. 11:51 PM - 28 Dec 2012. 0 replies 0 retweets .