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No one tells you that these donation clinics you go to will have no gay porn. That's because gay men aren't really allowed in these facilities.

Sperm donors needed to donate sperm to lesbian, single women, and infertile sperm or eggs to help single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples achieve their We have many fertility tests available for men and women to enable you to test.

Online sperm donation: a survey of the demographic characteristics, motivations, and experiences of heterosexual, gay and bisexual sperm donors on a a substantial number who have donated and conceived children.

Many doctors and fertility clinics already have been rejecting gay sperm donors, citing the pending FDA rules or existing regulations of the.

Read our Be a Sperm Donor - FAQ page to learn what sets us apart. Why do I have to have a minimum of 48-72 hours of abstinence between Why does the FDA prohibit men with a history of gay sex from becoming sperm or blood donors .