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What if the Inuboys were gay? Inuyasha loves Kagome, Koga marries Ayame, Sesshomaru liked Kagura . Anime Ninfang 2,281,175 views.

InuYasha Anime .. to make Jakotsu female, but did not like the idea of Inuyasha fighting and defeating a female human, deciding instead to make him gay.

Only anime girl that i'm gay for. Discover ideas about Inuyasha And Kikyo kikyou | Tumblr Inuyasha And Kikyo, Cute Wallpapers, Anime Couples, Anime.

(Yaoi)" en Pinterest. Ve más ideas sobre Inuyasha, Anime y Amor inuyasha. XXX Yaoi Gay sex Cartoon Movies, Anime, Comic and Hentai Porn Videos.

When InuYasha became gay when the lady flee went in his body to get the male flee. An anime/manga by Rumiko Takahashi about a girl named Kagome who .