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Under attack: reports of homophobic assaults at popular Melbourne beat - Star Observer gay cottageing in melbourne

Guys, looking to get some action without navigating Grindr? You can always go to an SOPV. Here are Melbourne's top five gay saunas and.

r/melbourne: A subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts! It just seems like there are much better and safer ways to get sex with men these days.

In a corner of the Darling Gardens in Melbourne's boutique Yet what's admirable about beats is how men – gay, bi and straight – have.

On any given day, in public toilets around Melbourne, hundreds of men like Jessie . The glory holes abundant in '90s sex comedies are mainly mythical. However, not everyone who cruises thinks of themselves as gay.

Cruising for sex in public areas has been a part of gay subculture for IT was after his routine swim in one of Melbourne's gym pools that.