Google Officially Launches New Logo and Search Page Layout | WebRanking - new google format sucks


Opinion: Google Unleashes Terrible New Update For Google News Upon the Net - Slashdot new google format sucks

My Google news feed format has changed 3/22/19, and I dislike it. The news is Can I get back the former format? Details Google sucks.

The New Google Layout Sucks. I know I'm late with this one, especially considering that I had a sneak preview a few weeks ago but the new Google layout sucks.

Maybe it's the fact that I don't like change but seriously, trying to add topics to follow & the layout of the news stories is getting frustrating. Google news was my go.

Some hate the layout, others hate specific features, and plenty just hate change. you to recognize a truth that I've known for some time: That Gmail sucks, What Google has done with the new Gmail design is retrofit all of.

The new Google News format sucks. Sucks bad. I don't need your AI to tell me what news I should be interested in. You continue to remove user controls from all.