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Acupuncture combined with supplemental Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities is effective for the treatment of mammary gland.

Fibrocystic breasts affects more than fifty percent of women and causes the How does traditional Chinese medicine look at cystic breasts?.

Breast diseases which are benign (not cancerous) include fibrocystic disease ( lumps, fibroids and cysts), fibroadenomas, breast pain (referred to in western.

Fire. Common Breast Disorders. • Premenstrual breast distention & pain. • Fibrocystic breasts. • Fibroadenomas. • Mastitis. • Breast cancer.

Most women know that regular breast exams are important, but many of us According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one cause of lumps in the breast is Liver Qi stagnation. Homeopathic Medications for Fibrocystic Breast Disease.