Synchronous bilateral breast cancer: A case report of heterogeneous estrogen receptor status - synchronous breast cancer


Breast cancer mortality in synchronous bilateral breast cancer patients | British Journal of Cancer synchronous breast cancer

Synchronous bilateral breast cancers (SBC) was defined as two tumours diagnosed within an interval of 6 months and a second cancer.

In patients with synchronous bilateral breast cancer ER discordance in patients have been associated with higher mortality than ER concordant.

Synchronous breast cancers are two (or more) primary breast cancers that occur in either breast at the same time. Epidemiology Up to 10% of all breast cancers.

1107 Background: Synchronous breast cancer is a tumor diagnosed within three months from the diagnosis of the first tumor. There is, currently.

Evidence suggests that patients with synchronous bilateral breast cancer (SBBC) , diagnosed within 4 months, have an inferior prognosis.