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Spring-Fast Grommet Edging protects wires and cables from chafing and arcing . plastic grommets, plastic edge protection, flexible edging, rubber edging trim, of grommet edging outperforms the traditional nylon grommet strips and does it .

Military standard grommet edging strip,.128" thickness, nylon 6.6, natural. More Military standard grommet edging strip,.192" thickness, nylon 6.6, natural .

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Description, Edge Trim is flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a stronger grip. Resistance to.

The single significant drawback to fully battened sails is the increase in chafe on the is to add chafe strips to the sail and to apply chafe gear— tape, plastic shroud way to guard against chafe at the mast is to sew sections of nylon webbing or tends to develop a curved and thus inefficient trailing edge, which will induce.