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Pain while breastfeeding is usually down to sore, tender nipples, especially once your milk 'comes in' around two to four days after giving birth. Your baby will be.

Here are answers to some common questions about preventing and reducing breastfeeding discomfort, such as nipple and breast pain.

“I had problems pretty much starting from my daughter’s birth,” says Rhondda Smiley, “including getting India latched on well and sore nipples by day three. Lactation consultant Sandra Yates of Vancouver says that, in fact, latch problems are the most common cause of breastfeeding.

Can breastfeeding be enjoyable for the baby and you? Read on to find more about handling breastfeeding pains effectively.

How do we tell the difference between this typical nipple pain and a problem that would benefit from the help of an experienced breastfeeding.