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Super Bowl XXXVIII – which was broadcast live on February 1, 2004 from Houston, Texas on the CBS television network in the United States – was noted for a controversial halftime show in which Janet Jackson's breast, adorned with a nipple shield, was exposed . The garment collapsed and her breast was accidentally revealed.

As the infamous halftime show culminated, Timberlake pulled off part of Jackson's outfit, briefly exposing her right breast in front of a TV.

Singer Janet Jackson covers her breast as Justin Timberlake holds part of her Jackson's “wardrobe malfunction,” which exposed the singer's breast during this .

Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Super Bowl 2004 the end of this song," exposing her right breast and its sunburst nipple shield as if on cue.

Justin & Janet had been performing a raunchy halftime duet when one of Jackson's breasts was exposed as Timberlake pulled at her top, then it all went off!.