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Décolletage /dɪˈkɒlətɑːʒ is a term used in woman's fashion referring to the upper part of a For that portion of a woman's anatomy between her breasts, see Cleavage (breasts). For art technique related Décolletage is a French word which is derived from décolleter, meaning to reveal the neck. The term was first used.

Selfies of French women posing in bikinis, vests and strapless tops have this top makes me look like 'a dirty whore' mate, my breasts and I.

The French were the originators of the low and open chest look for . cleavage galore, the height of boob and shoulder exposure came in the.

Dawn French and Jameela Jamil have tweeted about a new product that your boobs while sleeping – claims to “fight cleavage wrinkles”.

4 days ago This woman busted people staring at her cleavage for a good cause “Ladies, don't forget to check your own breasts, too,” the video reads, along with a French Montana shows off $175K bracelet he bought Drake for his.