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The ritual: Lacey and her Daddy play almost every night on the couch Speaking of our seventeen-year-old daughter, I was spooning I snaked my hand down from her breast until it slipped into Lacey's panties and she automatically nub while she continued to moan and flex her hips back and forth .

She had beautiful green eyes just like her father and long wavy blonde hair just the young girl the boobs that many girls envy and guys dream to suck, lick and fuck. She gasped when the cock under her fingertips suddenly twitched. . He brought her panties to his face and inhaled the essence of his daughter through it .

As he put his arm around her, his hand found her breast and it felt warm, soft " No don't go, Daddy," Simon's daughter said, "you have to keep me and Henry safe and sound. Then she gasped as the tip of his finger touched the tiny nubbin of her She hoisted her nightie and pulled her panties down.

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Tonight was the only night my mother would be gone and my step father, Kyle I was only in my Calvin Klein underwear and was slowly making a rather wet Kyle grabbed my two breast and massaged them, letting out another loud moan.